Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yet another belated update

Why do i bother stating that my blog is behind the actual brewing activities? It's pretty much a given at this point.

Session Ale

The Session Ale remained at 1.011 adjusted gravity for its final reading, which means I can drop the pretense and just call it an IPA at 5.3%ABV. It's now conditioning in the keg until i hook it up to the Angram for some yummy cask action. When I had racked it to secondary and did the dry hop, i'd been a bit afraid that i had missed my hoppiness target. It was the right bitterness, but the flavor was a bit subdued. However, the Simcoe plugs did their job, not only imparting that wonderfully floral aroma, but also accenting the flavor. Can't wait for a pint of that.

Winter Spiced Ale

I also racked the Winter Spiced Ale to secondary. OG was 1.062 @80F or 1.065 adjusted. At secondary, i got a specific gravity of 1.016 @66F or 1.017 adjusted. That gives me 6.5% ABV. I didn't rack any of the wort, so i don't anticipate much of a change there by the time it gets kegged. As you can tell from the gravity, the sugars were pretty much converted. The spices are fairly subtle now (subtler than i had hoped, to be honest) and the Roast Barley really imparted a strong chocolate flavor. It's almost more a chocolate Porter than anything. The Spiced Ale will get kegged this coming Sunday.

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