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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Ah, the memories

Former High Geek of MP3, Sander van Zoest, just posted a video from the night we unleashed the bomb. Who would have thought that we’d get sued for 80 billion dollars. No seriously, those were damages sought based on $100,000 … Continue reading

August 28, 2006 geek

Apache Location-like behavior in ASP.NET (part II)

As I mentioned in my update to my last post, the custom URLs break down on postback because the form doesn’t realize where it’s supposed to post back to. To get around this, we need two new classes, a new … Continue reading

August 17, 2006 .net ,

Apache Location-like behavior in ASP.NET

One thing I used to do in mod_perl under apache is use the <Location> directive to feed my PerlHandlers instead of using extensions. Not only did that mean that my apps had nice URLs like but I would usually … Continue reading

August 16, 2006 .net ,

Why no HTPC?

I’ve been a dedicated TiVo fanatic for 6 years now. The concept of consulting a TV guide and arranging my daily life so i can sit down in front of the TV in accordance with somebodies idea of appropriate scheduling … Continue reading

August 8, 2006 geek ,

C# closures

Just after starting to play with closures in javascript (to fake delegates), i run across an excellent series of articles on closures and anonymous functions in C# 2.0, complete with pitfalls. Cool stuff… The implementation of anonymous methods in C# … Continue reading

August 5, 2006 .net ,