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Monthly Archives: June 2007

LFSLib.NET 0.13b released

Now with full patch X goodness! This version of LFSLib.NET takes advantage of all the new features of Live For Speed S2 0.5X (as well as the X2 test patch additions). The new version can be found here and the … Continue reading

June 28, 2007 .net, geek , , , , , ,

Simple OutSim & OutGauge samples

Version 0.13b is finished, just cleaning up the docs, and packaging everything (switching to sandcastle for docs kind of added a new complication). Should have that out tomorrow, I hope. In the meantime, especially, since the Tester app I include … Continue reading

June 27, 2007 .net, geek , , , ,

Moonlight at Remix 07

Miguel de Icaza just posted a long entry on a Hackathon the mono team did in the last 21 days to get some version of Moonlight ready for Remix 07 and it looks like they succeeded. Further progress information can … Continue reading

June 21, 2007 .net, mono , , ,

LFSLib.NET v0.12b (this is a test version)

I’ve just put v0.12b on the server. This version does bring LFS 0.5X compatibility, but it does not expose the new functionality. The goal of this version is primarily to let 0.11b code work against LFS 0.5X with the least … Continue reading

June 18, 2007 .net, geek , , , ,

How to do Control Flow via Polymorphism

Let’s say you have n objects implementing an interface. Call these message, implementing IMessage. Each message may cause a different action when given to another object, the receiver. Sounds like the perfect scenario for Polymorphism. Create a method Handle() for … Continue reading

June 12, 2007 .net , ,

Generic return values and explicit casting

Came across an artifact with generics that confused me. Let’s say you had an interface IFoo: public interface IFoo { […] } and a class Foothat implements IFoo: public class Foo : IFoo { […] } then a given method … Continue reading

June 7, 2007 .net

Eclipse “resource out of sync” needs refresh

Ok, I’ve now twice wasted time on trying to figure this out and this time I’m writing it down, so I don’t do it a third time 🙂 I recently added an eclipse project to SVN (it’s already in perforce, … Continue reading

June 3, 2007 java

ISecurableChannel in TcpChannel not ready on mono

I was just trying to move a remoting service from .NET 2.0 to mono and ran into problems with Interop. The client & server would work fine if running on the same architecture, but fail when crossing architectures. Turns out … Continue reading

June 1, 2007 .net, mono