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June 3, 2007 java

Eclipse “resource out of sync” needs refresh

Ok, I’ve now twice wasted time on trying to figure this out and this time I’m writing it down, so I don’t do it a third time 🙂

I recently added an eclipse project to SVN (it’s already in perforce, my usual SC of choice) and after that my JAR export would fail with a bunch of “Resource is out of sync” errors. Since all the resources were .svn related, I blamed SVN and chased this down the wrong path for a bit.

Here’s the simple solution: If you see a jar export fail because of “resource is out of sync”, try doing a Refresh on the project before anything else. That should solve it.

6 to “Eclipse “resource out of sync” needs refresh”

  1. Anonymous says...


  2. Anonymous says...

    Thanks, That was helpful!

  3. Anonymous says...

    Thanks for saving me several unproductive hours.

  4. Dave W says...

    Thank you!

  5. Fernando says...

    An additional tip: I had some problems with the .classpath synchronization and refreshing didn't work in the Package Explorer view, but in the Navigator it was able to solve the problem.

  6. bcc says...

    Hey thanks a lot, I refreshed the classes but refreshing the entire project never came to mind, you saved my day ^^

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