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Monthly Archives: July 2007

LFSLib.NET 0.15b released

Although 0.15b was supposed to be the version that brings LFS proxy support to LFSLib.NET, a crash-bug with AXI & AXO packets forced me to rollback that incomplete code for now and release a bugfix version. The bugs fixed in … Continue reading

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Playing with Xaml and LFS

I thought it was about time to see how hard it would be to get Live For Speed Track Maps into Xaml for use on the desktop or Silverlight. I initially started with the LFS’s SMX (simple mesh format) files, … Continue reading

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Lfs State Inspector

I’ve been spending a lot of time, just firing up LFS, hopping through screens and catching the state events. But there’s a lot of state and no good way to see what’s changed (most is obvious, but some of it … Continue reading

July 28, 2007 .net, geek , ,

Time Monitor example

There was a request for a Time Monitor app that would show splits and the lap time including delta’s. Currently LFS, shows you your splits and laps, but only briefly and without any information about how it compares to the … Continue reading

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Old VS.NET 2k5 tricks

Yeah, so VS.NET 2k8 is nearly upon us, but I still manage to find tricks by accident. I guess reading the manual — er, is there a manual? — might have led me to this earlier, but i just came … Continue reading

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OutGauge Monitor Windows App example

I had a request for an example of Win Forms with OutGauge. This is a very simple project that illustrate how to quickly wire up output from OutGauge to UI. The only tricky bit for novices is the whole Invoke … Continue reading

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Cross-thread data access

Continuing on my recent asynchronous UI adventures, my background object tried to access the SelectedItem of a ComboBox and I came crashing down with the dreaded Cross-Thread exception. At this point most of my code has the if(InvokeRequired) boilerplate down…. … Continue reading

July 12, 2007 .net , ,

A simple race tracking class for LFSLib.NET

Continuing in providing some usage examples for LFSLib.NET, I’ve created a very simple race tracking class. I figure it covers a lot of ground, since most people want to keep track of race progress, and it does show the basic … Continue reading

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LFSLib.NET 0.14b released

UPDATE: If you downloaded the files before 12pm PST, then you may have a binary with a bug. Please get the current one. This is is a minor bugfix/clean-up release. There were two bugs that were the result of TCP … Continue reading

July 10, 2007 .net, geek , ,

A generic asynchronous INotifyPropertyChanged helper

The other day I was lamenting what I consider to be an omission in Data-binding’s responsibilities, i.e. the lack of invocation of an INotifyPropertyChanged PropertyChanged event on the appropriate UI thread. Instead, INotifyPropertyChanged implementors are expected to be updated only … Continue reading

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