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Monthly Archives: December 2007

The dangers of deferred execution

I recently wrote about Action & Func, which along with Lambda expression let you do easy inline callbacks like this: Utility.ActionDownloader.Download( Configuration.GetAssetUri(dto.Url), (Downloader d) => { FloatContainer c = (FloatContainer)XamlReader.Load(d.ResponseText); c.Initialize(dto); }); i.e. I can call a downloader and inline … Continue reading

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Software Activation vs. Virtualization, Part 3

Part of an ongoing saga. Rebooted back into VMWare Fusion and yeah, Illustrator Activation was indeed screwed there as well. Office 2007 too, but at least it just let’s me reactivate (no doubt noting me as a repeat offender somewhere). … Continue reading

December 14, 2007 geek, rant , ,

Action & Func: Never write another delegate

With lambda expressions in C#, the Func generic delegate and it's variations have been getting a lot of attention. So naturally, you might think that the lambda syntax is just a shortcut for creating anonymous delegates, whether they return values … Continue reading

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Software Activation vs. Virtualization (and multiple PC ownership)

Just as Virtualization is finally becoming a useful technology, everybody and their uncle has decided that software activation is the new hot way to stop theft. Of course, like all anti-piracy tools, the paying customers get screwed, because the pirates … Continue reading

December 13, 2007 geek, rant , ,

A case for XML

XML gets maligned a lot. It’s enterprisey, bloated, overly complex, etc. And the abuses visited upon it, like trying to express flow control or whole DSLs in it or being proposed as some sort of panacea for all interop problems … Continue reading

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