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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Dream access control

Just finished an article over on the MindTouch blog about tweaking Dream’s default access patterns. I really like how Dream uses cookies, something you don’t often see in REST services. Generally it’s all about X-My-Cool-Auth-Header business, which is yet another … Continue reading

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High Scalability article about

Today, High Scalability ran an interview with myself about the architecture behind The interview covers a general overview of what I will cover in more detail over on the tech blog.

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Dream for REST and async

I’ve been doing a lot of work inside of MindTouch Dream as of late over at MindTouch and i’m really digging it. Steve’s put together an awesome framework for doing asynchronous programming on .NET and for being able to treat … Continue reading

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C# 3.0 language features vs. Java’s OS community

I’ve been in a constant struggle for a number of years and it’s a battle between wanting to program in C# but envying the variety of open source projects available on the JVM. And this isn’t so much a windows/linux … Continue reading

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Synchronicity Kills

Finally got around to starting my blogging about the technology being built for It’s pretty funny that both my Mindtouch and my coding revolve around heterogenous, asynchronous programming to achieve highly scalable concurrency. Since i started working on … Continue reading

October 4, 2008 geek, mindtouch


I keep wanting to do ForEach() on a collection, and noticed that it was inconsistent whether that extension method was available or not. I always figured that i wasn’t importing the right namespace, and blamed ReSharper for not being smart … Continue reading

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A case for TDD

I know, it’s been rather quiet here lately. I’ve just been slammed with coding, so writing things up is falling behind. In addition, my blogging time’s going to be split between and And I’m behind on both of … Continue reading

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