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January 10, 2009 .net, mono , ,

db4o 7.4 binaries for mono

As I talked about recently, the standard binaries for db4o have some issues with mono, so I recompiled the unmodified source with the MONO configuration flag. I’ve packed up both the debug and release binaries and you can get them here. These are just the binaries (plus license). It’s not the full db4o package. If you want the full package, just get it directly from the db4o site, since the MONO config flag and have Visual Studio rebuild the package.

This package should show up on the official db4o mono page shortly as well.

4 to “db4o 7.4 binaries for mono”

  1. German Viscuso says...

    We have linked to your binaries. See:
    Thanks Arne!

  2. German Viscuso says...

    Hi Arne.

    There’s a comment in the db4o forum triggered by your Mono binary publication:

    The comments will probably be useful to change the source code in the trunk but I just wanted to keep you posted.


  3. Stevo says...

    Arne –
    I was glad to find your site, as I had not only run into the same issues in trying to get 7.4 to work with Db4o, but was also completely unaware of the need to have the extra libraries you mentioned in a previous post available when optimizing native queries.

    My question for you is a follow on of both concepts actually. I looked in the code that you had compiled for Db4oTool.exe, but did not find it. I then tried the Db4oTool from the official 7.4 release, but unfortunately this results in error. Do you know if Db4oTool.exe will work with mono?

    Let me know and best regards,


  4. ether says...


    I did just compile the minimum to get things working under mono. I am going to go back to apply the fix that German mentioned and i’ll make sure i build the entire system and put up the binaries. We’ll see if that means that Db4oTool.exe will work under mono as well

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