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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Linq2MongoDB: Building a Linq Provider for MongDB

This weekend has been a hack-a-thon, trying to build a simple linq provider for MongoDB. I’m using Sam Corder, et al.’s excellent C# MongoDB Driver as the query pipeline, so my provider really is just a translator from Linq syntax … Continue reading

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About Concurrent Podcast #3: Coroutines

Posted a new episode of the Concurrent Podcast over on the MindTouch developer blog. This time Steve and I delve into Coroutines, a programming pattern we use extensively in MindTouch 2009 and one that i’m also trying out as an … Continue reading

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Composing remote and local linq queries

One of the cool things with Linq is that queries are composable, i.e. you can add further query constraints by selecting from an existing query. Nothing is executed until you try to read from the query. This allows IQueryable to … Continue reading

September 15, 2009 .net ,

Concurrent Podcast and Producer/Consumer approaches

As usual, I’ve been blogging over on the MindTouch Developer blog, and since the topics i post about over there have a pretty strong overlap with what I’d post here, I figured i might as well start cross-posting about it … Continue reading

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Writing a Tag Algebra compiler with Coco/R

This week, i was digging back into the Coco/R implemented parser of DekiScript, tracking down a bug, which turned out to not be in the parsing bits at all. It did, however, get me familiarized with Coco/R again. So I … Continue reading

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Hiding NHibernate with Linq

Been using NHibernate a lot recently, and just love having POCO data objects. This means that i can just hand out objects and manipulate them and then save them back to the DB without ever exposing my persistence model. For … Continue reading

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Teh Shiny

For technology geeks, one of the greatest enemies of productivity is teh Shiny, i.e. some algorithm, framework, language that is a possible solution to the problem at hand, but mostly attracts because of its dazzling awesomeness. When something seems like … Continue reading

September 3, 2009 geek, rant

Boolean Algebra for Tag queries

Currently working on a tag query engine and couldn’t find anything all that useful in the published approaches. I want to do arbitrary boolean algebras against a set of tags in a database, which seems to be out of scope … Continue reading

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