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libBeanstalk.NET, a Beanstalkd client for .NET/mono

A couple of years back I wrote a store-and-forward message queue called simpleMQ for vmix. A year later, Vmix was kind enough to let me open source it and I put it up on sourceforge (cause that was the place … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s time to stop pretending we buy software?

There's been a lot of noise about comments made by THQ's Cory Ledesma about used games. Namely, "I don't think we really care whether used game buyers are upset because new game buyers get everything. So if used game buyers … Continue reading

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Loading per solution settings with Visual Studio 2008

If you ever work on a number of projects (company, oss, contracting), you're likely familiar with coding style issues. At MindTouch we use a number of naming and formatting styles that are different from the Visual Studio defaults, so when … Continue reading

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Promise: Method slots and operators

Before getting into method slots, here's a quick review of the Promise lambda grammar: lambda: [<signature>] <expression>; signature: (<arg1>, … <argN>[|<return-type>]) arg: [<type>] <argName>[=<init-expression>] expression: <statement> | { <statement1>; … <statementN>; } A lambda can be called with positional arguments … Continue reading

August 13, 2010 geek, Promise , ,

Promise: Object notation and serialization

I thought I had only one syntax post left before diving into posts about attempting to implement the language. But starting on a post about method slots and operators, I decided that there was something else i needed to cover … Continue reading

August 9, 2010 geek, Promise , ,

IronRuby isn’t dead, it’s been set free on a farm upstate

Yesterday Jimmy Schementi posted his farewell to Microsoft and with it his thoughts on the future of IronRuby. This made it onto twitter almost immediately as "IronRuby is dead". This was shortly followed by a number of voices countering with, … Continue reading

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When cloning isn’t faster than copy via serializer

Yesterday I removed Subzero's dependency on Metsys.Little. This wasn't because I have any problem with it. On the contrary, it's a great library and provides really easy serialization and deserialization. But since the whole point of Subzero is to provide … Continue reading

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Reproducing Promise IoC in C#

Another diversion before getting back to actual Promise language syntax description, this time trying to reproduce the Promise IoC syntax in C#. Using generics gets us a good ways there, but we do have to use a static method on … Continue reading

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Freezing DTOs by proxy

In my previous post about sharing data without sharing data state, I proposed an interface for governing the transformation of mutable to immutable and back for data transfer objects (DTOs) that are shared via a cache or message pipeline. The … Continue reading

August 3, 2010 .net, geek , ,

Sharing data without sharing data state

I'm taking a break from Promise for a post or two to jot down some stuff that I've been thinking about while discussing future enhancements to MindTouch Dream with @bjorg. In Dream all service to service communication is done via … Continue reading

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