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Implementing “exports” in C#

The other day i was musing about improving readability by liberating verbs from the containing objects that own them. Similar things are accomplished with mix-ins or traits in other languages, but I wanted to go another step further and allow … Continue reading

May 25, 2011 geek, Promise ,

Of Workflows, Data and Services

This is yet another in my series of posts musing about what my ideal language would look like. This one is about readability. Most code I write these days seems to utilize three types of classes: Data, Services and Workflow. … Continue reading

May 23, 2011 geek, Promise

But what about your Promise?

See what i did there? Err… yeah, i know it's horrible. I apologize. I did want to post an update about Promise since I've gone radio-silent since I finished up my series about features and syntax. I've started a deep … Continue reading

October 3, 2010 geek, Promise ,

Promise: Method slots and operators

Before getting into method slots, here's a quick review of the Promise lambda grammar: lambda: [<signature>] <expression>; signature: (<arg1>, … <argN>[|<return-type>]) arg: [<type>] <argName>[=<init-expression>] expression: <statement> | { <statement1>; … <statementN>; } A lambda can be called with positional arguments … Continue reading

August 13, 2010 geek, Promise , ,

Promise: Object notation and serialization

I thought I had only one syntax post left before diving into posts about attempting to implement the language. But starting on a post about method slots and operators, I decided that there was something else i needed to cover … Continue reading

August 9, 2010 geek, Promise , ,

Promise: Building the repository pattern on the language IoC

Before I get into the code samples, I should point out one more "construction" caveat and change from my previous writing: Constructors don't have to be part of the Type. What does that mean? If you were to explictly declare … Continue reading

July 26, 2010 .net, geek, Promise , ,

Promise: IoC Lifespan management

In my last post about Promise i explained how a Type can be mapped to a particular Class to override the implicit Type/Class mapping like this: $#[User].Use<MockUser>; This registration is global and always returns a new instance, i.e. it acts … Continue reading

July 22, 2010 .net, geek, Promise , ,

Promise: IoC Type/Class mapping

Before I can get into mapping, I need to changed the way I defined getting an instance in Type and Class definition: Getting an instance in Promise, revisited When I talked about, I eluded to it being a call … Continue reading

July 19, 2010 .net, geek, Promise ,

Promise: Inversion of Control is the new garbage collection

Before continuing with additional forms of method defintions, I want to take a detour through the Inversion of Control facilities, since certain method resolution behavior relies on those facilities. IoC is one feature of Promise that is meant to not … Continue reading

July 17, 2010 .net, geek, Promise , , , , ,

Promise: Constructor revisionism

Only 3 posts into the definition of the language and already I'm changing previously published specs. Well, that's the way it goes. I'm currently writing the article about language level IoC which I eluded to previously, but the syntax effects … Continue reading

July 15, 2010 .net, geek, Promise ,