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throws NobodyCaresException

I’ve been doing java again for a project for the last few weeks and it’s been fun. You do get spoiled from the clean syntax C# Properties give you over the getter/setter pattern. And talk about notation differences. I’m so … Continue reading

March 28, 2007 .net, geek, java, rant , , ,

Joe Jobbed

Looks like got Joe jobbed.For the past two weeks or so some bastard spammer has been using as their return-address domain. And so i’ve been getting a lot of bounce mails from all over the world. Fun. First … Continue reading

October 26, 2005 rant

Heisenberg and Properties

There are two reasons that I’m using log4net with increasing, rather than decreasing frequency, despite the excellent debugger in VS.NET: When doing multithreaded programming, it lets me more easily see what threads are doing in parallel Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle as … Continue reading

June 13, 2005 .net, geek, rant