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Avoiding Events, or how to wrap an Event with a continuation handle

If there is one language feature of .NET that I've become increasingly apprehensive of it is events. On the surface they seem incredibly useful, letting you observe behavior without the observed object having to know anything about the observer. But … Continue reading

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Observable event subscription

The other day I was trying to create an explicit interface implementation of an event and ran into a snag. Now I’ve done many explicit interface implementations before, but, I guess, never of an event, because I’d not seen the … Continue reading

August 3, 2007 .net , ,

Are delegates the reason we have C#?

This may be ancient news, but I just came across an article that strongly implied that the reason .NET came about was because Sun didn’t like Microsoft’s addition of delegates to J++. That surely is a condensation of events, but … Continue reading

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