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State-aware programming in C#, part III

Now that we have a syntax for defining state aware objects, we need the code that wires these things up for us automatically. This consists of the following: StateMethod Attribute StateMethodHandler Attribute AStateObject base class to wire up our methods … Continue reading

February 2, 2007 .net, geek

State-aware programming in C#, part II

Having defined the approach for the stateful framework, let’s tackle the design goals: Serializable state-aware objects Different logic paths per state on state aware methods State specific methods should be inherited Default and state specific methods Type-safe states Ideally we … Continue reading

February 1, 2007 .net, geek

State-aware programming in C#, part I

This is going to be a multi-parter, simply to allow for some organizing and avoid the giant scrolling page. State as language syntax One thing I’ve always liked about UnrealScript was its inclusion of states as a first class citizen … Continue reading

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