Sunday, August 29, 2004

The quest for missing pieces continues and my list grows a usual.

Still need the bolts for the transmission hookup. Also seem to be missing the Pilot bearing. Given these two pieces I should finally be able to assemble the engine/transmission.

Test fitting the flywheel, I may have overtorqued two of the 9 bolts. I was looking at the N-m values and using the ftlb scale. Grr.. Have to remove them again anyhow to put in the pilot bearing. Gonna put them back in with threadlock and hope that takes care of that.

The clutch-cable i bought seems to be for a later rev of the 915. Looks like i need a replacement for my existing cable instead. Also need to figure out what to do about the throttle cable. The hook-up is quite different.

Jacked up the front to do the fuel line work. Got the hard lines out, got the Holley pump out. Also got a look at where the return line connects and I need to figure out how i'm going to make that connection. And i think i need to pull the tank out or drain it. Argh!

And looking at how things connect in Pet, I'm only getting more confused looking at the whole fuel system mess. Another part that i didn't anticipate getting so complicated. I'm getting closer and closer to just getting things back together enough for towing and taking the car down to Dieter's. I'm really close to throwing in the towel.


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