Monday, January 17, 2005

A month or two and those tires are toast

Had it towed to Dieter's Motorsports last Monday. A couple of days later Steve Grosekemper delivered the bad news:

The 1969 911 is a misfit. Basically, when i did my research originally, i determined i wanted long-wheel base, pre-impact bumper (and 400lb weight gain), and I thought that meant that 69-73 would all be good. Well, turns out the 69 was used to learn a lot of things, all of which were changed in 70. Mostly elctrical, true, but that's my whole problem. From 70 on they all have a 14 pin blug for the engine. Sure the pins changed, but re-pinning a couple of things is nothing compared to what has to be done in the 69.

Then add to that:

  • that something is wrong with the tranny I was sold

  • that the way I ran the harness won't do, since the engine will shear that off
  • that the oil lines currently rub against the tire, most likely because they are too short

  • the wires I've run forward to the smugglers box, really should have been run to fuse panel

  • the 69 gauges, unlike all later models pretty much require the dash to come out to access

So I'm looking at over a month before i see the car again and when I do, a nice happy bill will want to be paid in order to return my baby to me

But then i'll have more power at the rear wheels than i really should have given the tires that fit in the wells.


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