Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Kegerator Ho!

Last weekend started out innocently enough. I was going to buy a mini fridge, then order a single tap tower and build a kegerator. I decided against tracking down a used one, since I wanted to make it sure it was energy star compliant. I'm sucking up enough power as it is already.

After looking at a number of mini fridges, I determined that they pretty much all had the compressor built into the bottom so that here was only enough room for a Cornelius keg if i built something to extend it into the door. Plus I'd have to relocate the freezer compartment for the top clearance. Basically a bunch of work that could end up in a destroyed mini fridge.

Home Depot was selling a Danby Kegerator which would fit a single Cornelious keg, even a pony keg, which I actually have no need for. But it looked cheap and had a plastic tower, so I've have to replace that as well.

Around that time I lost all reason, and decided, if i'm going to get a kegerator, i might as well get one that can fit two kegs. And to compound my madness, I noticed that Beverage Factory is located in town. So my wife and I headed over there and ended up with a Summit Kegerator with a stainless dual tap. It's a beauty.

I did spend the night with some serious buyers remorse, partly because the damn thing is pretty loud and because I kept thinking on how innocently the day had started. But once I kegged my Red Ale the next day and pulled a nice cold pint, all was forgotten. Ah, happiness!

Still, I woke up the other night and heard the cool cycle kick in. And from the distance it sounded just like the new "sweeping eye" noise the Cylons make on Sci-Fi's re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica


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