Sunday, August 01, 2004

Drilled a hole through the chassis at the base of the seat wells that the DME wiring harness will eventually be fed through.

Got some bolts and was going to mount the oil cooler permanently, but had the realization that i needed to lift the front of the car to fit a drill under there. That in turn would bring the back down too low for the engine to come in and out (a constant routine of making everything fit in the garage when\ not working on it). So, I'm going to hold off on that until i get the parts for installing the fuel pump, since that's going to require the front to come up as well.

And it turns out i may have to remount the hard lines anyhow. I connnected the rear hard lines and was missing about 1/2 inch to get the line to hook to the oil tank. Granted that oil tank is a custom install and so maybe i should just move it back, but i had this vision that the same problem would happe\ n when i get the engine in. What i'll do is jack the engine up to where it gets mounted and see how the oil line mates up. If it does, i'll move the oil tank. If it doesn't, it's back to remounting the hard lines which will take some chassis hammering (out of sight, of course).

But that's for another day. My frustration level of where i'm at versus where i ought to be has got me in a state where i'm liable to make some stupid mistake, so i'll leave the car be and try to figure out what else i need to order from Pelican tomorrow.


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