Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The benefits of low-end Torque

This may not come as some grand thing to those who've had plenty of low-end torque at their disposal in the past. Myself, however, i've never had much low-end torque in manual cars i've owned. The MR2 Turbo had power up high but nothing at the bottom.

This morning i was stuck in stop-and-go, crawling traffic. And i didn't even have to use the gas pedal. The torque at idle was plenty so that i could just let out the clutch and the car was moving. Wee!

Another thing... I don't know if the 915 changes ratios as the engine power increased, but my 73 915 really seems like all the gears are short. When i'm in 5th at highway speeds, i could use another gear to cruising.


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