Saturday, February 05, 2005

Adventures in Gasland, Part II

Called WestAir several times yesterday trying to determine the status of my bottle. Kept promising to call me back and didn't. So at 4pm, they put me on hold for a while and came back with the news that the bottle was filled but still at the El Cajon store. Since that's the only WestAir that's open on weekends, he suggested that I could pick it up there today, otherwise it be at their location on Monday.

Bright and early, Gisela and I headed down to El Cajon to get our Beer gas. Well, i should have guessed that the Miramar store guy did not tell them that I was going to pick it up. They had no idea where the bottle was. After about 30 minutes of digging around they decided that it was probably loaded on a truck already. But they offered to give me a loaner 5lb bottle for the weekend. Didn't charge me either, so it all turned out well.

Ran out, got another keg, this one came with a pressure relief valve!

Later, prepping the second keg, my auxilliary CO2 bottle ran out. Figures, with all the air stores closed for the weekend. So i used the N/CO2 bottle to pump water through for cleaning. At least I have everything for the Stout kegging.


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