Saturday, September 23, 2006

Double IPA update & Ruination Clone

Due to various distractions I did not keg the Double IPA until today. Talk about a long secondary. But for a Double IPA, i thought it appropriate. I decided to skip the split kegging, because it would leave too much airspace in both kegs and add risk of contamination. But this Ale is getting cask/keg conditioned. I used 4oz. of fermentation sugar boiled with about 4 cups of the ale and mixed back in with a rest in a 5gal keg. I'm going to let it age about 2 weeks at room temp and then put it in the kegerator. Yeah, I'll loose a lot of the cask conditioned benefits once i hook up the CO2 for the kegerator, but I hope that it will still be noticable vs. pure forced carbonation.

Since I had to dump my Paulaner clone and I'm still aging my Double IPA, I decided I better get on another batch. I figured, I'd close out summer with another IPA. This one is a clone of Stone's Ruination that I found on the Beer Recipator. Depending on how the Double comes out, I may go the cask conditioning route with this one as well.


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