Sunday, February 03, 2008

OAB @ 12% and new SDPA

I just kegged the Oaked Abstract Bastage and it's gravity had further decreased to 1.034 or 1.035 adjusted which gives it a whopping 12% alcohol by volume. Still has that guava juice taste to. Still very sweet. I'm letting it age some more before tasting it, partially because i don't have room in kegerator. In two weeks it'll probably go in the kegerator and be tapped for a tasting, but i still expect to let it age at least another month or two before drinking it.

In the meantime, I've started a new SDPA. Well, I really started it two weeks ago and today transfered it to secondary for dryhopping. It's got a beautifully light color and a yummy aroma. It's gonna be a bit of a weird one, because i completely screwed up my hop additions. My plan was to use some spare hops for the bittering, since hop prices have shot up and I want to leave the strong aroma hops for flavoring and aroma. Except i kept grabbing the wrong packets. So here's the recipe as it turned out:

Steep (30min @ 160F)

  • 0.5# Victory
  • 1.0# Cara Pils
  • 0.5# 10L Crystal

Boil @ 60 minutes

  • 1 oz. Amarillo Pellets
  • 1 oz. Magnum Pellets
  • 1 oz. Cascade Pellets

Boil @ 15 minutes

  • 7# Light DME
  • 1 oz. Amarillo Pellets
  • 1 oz. Cascade Pellets

Boil @ 0 minutes

  • 2 oz. Perle Pellets


  • White Labs California Ale Yeast

Dry Hop after two weeks

  • 2 oz. Simcoe Plugs

My initial gravity was 1.060 @ 87F or 1.064 adjusted. Today's reading was 1.018 @ 66F or 1.019 adjusted which gives me 6.3% alcohol by volume. That's just about perfect, although I assume it's gonna pick up another 0.3-0.4% by the time i keg it.

The SDPA will be keg-conditioned and replace the guiness on the Angram.

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