Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Although i am still plagued by uncertainty about the clutch, i went ahead and ordered what i need. From my research it seems like the starter gear ring is part of the flywheel on the 86 3.2L. Would explain why there is no lightweight flywheel available for it.

Ordered the Sachs Power Clutch, stock flywheel and bunch of fasteners from Pelican

Also in that order, i ordered all the various hookups for the fuel pump and decided to get the hard fuel lines. I figure, i'm going to run a more sensitive engine, so i might as well make sure the lines are clean. Especially since the return line's been sitting dry since i did the Holley fuel pump switch a year and a half ago.

Got the Stud order from Pelican just now. The studs are more like 122mm, not 102mm. Took some measurements, and apparently the the 102 on the stud means 102mm from the crankcase, not counting the 20mm that get screwed into the crankcase. So maybe the M10x72 are the right ones after all. Since it's not going to make it any time soon, i'm just going to mount up the tranny this weekend and find out exactly how many millimeters those studs need to be post crank case.

All the other parts are fine.


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