Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You'd figure the hood would be done by now...

That's what I figured as well. Alas, it's not and the car is dead to boot now.

Non-porsche events have kept me out of the garage for the most part. I did spend another weekend taking down old bondo and building it back up. The hood is now officially ready for paint and it looks good. Calling around for painting quickly showed that it wasn't worth having it painted. After all this is not a final job, just one to make the hood be presentable. The whole car will need to be painted after I do the RS bodywork and I want to have it all painted at once to get the best match.

That lead me to look into painting it myself. Worst case, i strip the hood again, right? I have the compressor, got a paint gun and need to make time to turn the garage into a paint booth.

But there is a complication. Apparently there is a short in the car and it fully drained the battery. Didn't realize it was completely gone at first and tried to start it using the start amperage on the charger. That resulted in strange clicking noises. It's a deep cycle battery, so it wouldn't take a regular charge, but i got it charged. Battery is fine now, but the car only cranks and cranks and never catches. Main thing i've noticed is that I don't hear the fuel pump anymore and I'm sure I used to hear it as soon as i turned the car on before.

In order to turn the garage into a paint booth, i need the car out, and to do that, i need to fix it. Grr.. So, first thing, get in there with a multimeter and check fuses. Oh well.


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