Thursday, February 10, 2005

Carbonation stone

Just put the Stout back in the kegerator with my carbonation stone attached.

Got the stone from Austin Home Brew. Well, it's not really a stone, it's stainless steel and the pores are so tiny, you can't even tell the cylinder is porous at all. Pretty cool stuff.

To get it installed, i got a spare syphon tube for the Pinlock keg. Had to cut some of the length off to make it fit with the stone attached to its bottom. The real fun was in attaching the stone after the tube went into the keg, since the hole it goes through just clears the tube's diameter. So i had to reach into the keg, push the hose attached to the stone over the end of the tube, then maneuver a ratched in there to tighten the hoseclamps, all without compromising the stout already in the keg. Lucky that the batch only yielded 4 gallons.

After that, i pressurized it to 30 psi and listened to the lovely bubbling. Then shut the gas down and slow bled the pressure. Rinse repeat 2 times. Finally i put it in the kegerator. Pulled a pint, really only to flush the lines, since it really needs to sit overnight first. But even that quick pint had a much more Guinness like flow and a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Yeah, we got stout!


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