Saturday, February 05, 2005

Kegging the Stout

As predicted, i did not have teh patience for a two week secondary fermentation on the Chocolate Coffee Stout.

I racked the Stout to the keg filled the headspace with Beer gas and in the fridge it went for 1-2 hours so settle. After that I did the normal kegging procedure, i.e. put 30 psi of pressure on the keg and shake the shit out of it. Now, Nitrogen is not water soluble like CO2 and i don't have a carbonation stone, so i don't know if that will do the trick.

With the CO2 kegging, as i shook th keg i could hear more CO2 entering the keg. With the N/CO2, i heard no such noise and some of the stout even backed into the line going to the regulator. So, it went back in the fridge to settle. Gonna slowl bleed the pressure off and then repeat the same procedure. Then another hour of settling before tasting.

More than likely, I'll repeat this again tomorrow, as i really should let it settle longer. Impatience, i told you, don't make me tell you again...


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