Monday, October 09, 2006

Crystal Hop is weak

I tapped both the Double IPA and the Ruination Clone this weekend.

The Double IPA had been naturally carbonated. I don't have a beer engine, so i just put minimal pressure on the keg to tap it. However without the agitator, the beer pretty much tasted like a fairly flat brew. So I force carbonated it and how it's just a regular keg beer. It's a fair bit sweeter than I expected, another indication that I stopped the primary fermentation too soon. If this goes the way of my Abstract Bastage, then it'll probably mellow out in another month or so. The part that I found disappointing is that with the amount of aroma and dry-hop hops that went into it, it was virtually no hop aroma or smell. I guess I'm Cascace and Centennial head and I don't count anything else as hoppy, but I don't think i'll be using Crystal Hop again.

The Ruination went straight from secondary to the keg and was force carbonated. It's definitely green, but nice and hoppy. The way i like it. Give that two weeks in the keg and it will be perfect.

In the meantime, I have two strong, sweet ales on tap. They're definitely not quaffing beers. I think I better start another ale up next weekend, since the Ruination will probably be consumed before i get through either of the other two.


  • Crystals are great hops, but not for what you're doing with them. Crystal hops are meant to be used in similar fashion to hallertau hops, since they too impart a much more mild, spicy and floral flavor/aroma to the beer.

    I do agree though that once you've developed a palate for dry-hopped cascades/centennials it's hard to find anything else to compare.


    By Blogger Sorg, at 8:44 AM  

  • Well, I've since moved on from Cascade/Centennial to Simcoe/Amarillo for my dry-hop fix

    By Blogger ether, at 9:13 AM  

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