Saturday, August 07, 2004

If there is one benefit to not finishing this for Monterey is that i spend more times looking at pieces and deciding whether to just make it work or replace it properly.

First case in point is the whole oil cooling issue.

I test fitted the engine in the engine bay and the hardline was a good 2 inches away from where it need to connect to the engine. I also tried moving the hardline further back, but it's pinned against the front fender. Considering the thermostat on the hardlines already got oil caked on them, hinting at some type of leakage, I'm thinking about just dumping the hardlines, and ordering the Mocal thermostat, steel bradided lines and connectors from Batinc. At the same time, I'm still trying to get a hold of Steve Timmins of Instant-G, to see whether he's got harness schematics for the 3.2 69 conversion and he sells a mocal kit will all the fitting and even proper mounting brackets for a front mount. That path i'd be looking at selling the Carrera Oil Cooler again. I'll need to talk to both of those and see what i feel best about, but one way or another the hard line are gone. Should;'ve done this research before the purchase.

Test fitted the Engine and transmission, and it looke like the M10x72 studs are the right one. Also test fitted the Speed sensor and i don't see how it can adjust to the tolerances specified. And it's cables look pretty sad. Going to check how much that piece costs to replace. Can't find it in PET or at Pelican tho. Ho hum.

While we're on the subject of the Transmission/Engine junction, it does look like the sensor gear ring is separate from the starter gear ring. I'll be sure once i get the flywheel in, but anyhow AARG.

Next I did the test fitting of the tranmission checking for clearance issues. Had a couple:

First, the fuel hardlines from the engine bay interfered. I completely removed them. May bend themt to fit and re-install or just replace with hose entirely.

Second, the brake fluid hardline that AJ USA managed to jam in there with the old transmission in (since the original hardline couldn't be replaced without removing the engine got pinned by the tranny. I figure that's an accident waiting to happen. Luckily i have a nice supply of blank (unbent) hardlines I acquired when doing the four-corner brake rebuild at the beginning of the 911 ownership. So i custom fitted a line that won't be in the way.

Third, and as expected, the chassis pushed up against the tranny. If there's one thing i've learned in this project is how to feel comfortable with taking the hammer to chassis pieces that are not visible. I just hammered at the dome until i created enough space, as people on the Pelican boards suggested. This is roughly the time when I'm always thankful for Karl Aldinger's advice regarding cars on jackstands: "Before going under your car hipcheck the car a couple of times. Better it come down now than when you are under it." Good advice and i've followed it and gone further a couple of times, grabbing the engine bay and yanking on it from the outside. That car is not moving.

I did not re-install the axles, even though i have the required gaskets now. I decided to hold off on that until i get ready to put the engine in, since they'll just be in the way under there while i make whatever other mods i still need.


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