Saturday, February 12, 2005

Changing of the Brew

It's a winter day in San Diego--i.e. it's around 60F and it's raining. Perfect day to spend brewing.

The Paulaner clone is the most active fermentor to date. I mean, my first Hefeweizen--where i mistakenly pitched the yeast at about 95F, where the wort bubbled up, clogged the Airlock and then blew the top of the fermentation bucket--was very active, but it subsided within a week. And so far every Hefeweizen has been more active than other beers. But the clone is now a week old and it was still bubbling through the airlock line. A blubblub every 10 seconds or so, but still going. But i went to secondary anyhow, since i needed the bucket for another brew. And within 30 minutes of transfer, it's bubbling through the Airlock again. I'll give that at least a week (read: it'll be a week) before kegging that one, despite the lack of keg on the the CO2 faucet. Yeah, the Red Ale gave out a couple of days ago.

Currently, I'm boiling the wort for an American Pale Ale, following the Home Brew Mart recipe. They told me that it's pretty much a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone. I checked Clone Brews and it's similar to their recipe. A little simplified in the Hop timing, a bit more complex in the Steep, but I can see both being similar. It's supposed to become a chili beer, so i chopped up some Jalapeno and put them in the boil. This Ale is going to get bottled and I'll bottle some with Jalapeno's, some with Habanero and some just plain as a control. All in all it'll get a nice proper aging, since it's going to be my Cinco de Mayo Chili Beer.

Kegerator tip:

Now, i know this isn't going to be feasible for most line cleaning, but i discovered having a spare keg and being willing to spend some CO2 makes for easy beer line cleaning. After doing some general cleaning of the Red Ale keg, i filled it with about a gallon of hot water and beer line cleaner to sanitize the keg. After shaking that around for a bit, I hooked it up to each tap in turn and pumped out some quarts. Then i washed out the keg, filled it with cold water and pumped another couple of quarts for each tap. Definititely simpler and less messy than using the cleaning pump i have.


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