Thursday, February 23, 2006

Red Ale

Again, a catch-up post... After the IPA got low, I started a batch of plain old Red Ale. Primary for 1 week, secondary for 2. It was amazingly smooth on kegging and is just getting better. A good drinking beer. I think my first red that I've kegged. I think the last red was bottled only.

I think i'm going to pick up some of those pop-top magnum bottles next time I brew. They seem like a nice way to bottle things up for presents. Normal 24oz. bottles, while better than their 12oz. counterparts, are just too much of a pain to clean and fill. Yeah, we do get spoiled after kegging for a while.

Next project, time permitting, is a barley wine. May have to get a second carboy, since I plan to let that one sit for the next 6 months.


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