Saturday, September 03, 2005

Buying beer

Last post I said that my Paulaner clone and Pale Ale would last me til October. Haha... Well, to be fair, there were multiple occasions where a bit over half a gallon was abducted for feeding my wife's co-workers. Well, Friday morning, trying to get another half gallon out, the Pale Ale hit bottom.

I'm not brewing this weekend, so we're about 3 weeks out from new brew and the Paulaner won't last too much longer either. So instead of getting ingredients from Ballast Point (AKA Home Brew Mart) I got a 5gallon key of their Big Eye IPA.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Liar's Club in Mission Beach. They always have a Cask Ale being hand pulled on Friday nights. That night it was an IPA from Stone Brewing Co. and it was the best IPA i've ever had. Now I don't know if that was because it was a cask ale, vs. a normal carbonated one, but either way the Big Eye is a damn close second at this point. Definitely worth the purchase.


  • Hanging out at Karl Strauss lately has taught me quite a bit about beer. Reds and darks have been my favorite, and from time to time, I'll have the best beer I've ever had at K, depending on the brewmaster and age. That red is hard to beat but the Minden Maibock is my all time favorite. Only available once a year for a month, unfortunately. I generally like a cask beer over the same beer that is carbonated. However, on occasion we've tried a fresh cask that tasted a lot better from the tap. Certain beers just need that carbonation to give it the crispness. Otherwise the flavor is overwhelming on the back of the tongue while drinking, instead of being a nice aftertaste. I'll have to check out the Stone IPA and plan a re-visit to the Liar's club. Last time I was there I wasn't quite the beer snob I am now. :)

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