Saturday, March 01, 2008

Session Ale status

Session Ale went to secondary after some remarkably active fermentation. It was still fermenting when i racked it, but considerably slower. When i first kicked off almost two weeks ago, it bubbled to the top of the carboy, clogged the filter and blew out the airlock. It actually ejected the airlock with such force that it hit the ceiling of the shower and smashed it.

All this fermenting would indicate that all the sugars are converted and the specific gravity supports this. Original Gravity was 1.056@ 80F (1.059 adjusted) and current gravity is 1.010@ 68F (1.011 adjusted). Problem is that my Session Ale is now more alcoholic than my SDPA with 6.5%. Hrm... I may end up doing the old heat treatment to bring that down. Also it's really dry right now. I hope it will be tasty once it goes through secondary and carbonation and some of the current bitterness mellows out.

When I racked it, I also added 1 oz. of Simcoe plugs for dry hopping.

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