Saturday, April 07, 2007

Simcoe IPA, part 2

I just kegged the Simcoe IPA I brewed almost a month ago. Two weeks primary, and another two weeks for secondary. The hop aroma profile is exactly what I was hoping for--very strong floral aroma similar to Alpine's Duet. I tasted the sample I took for my specific gravity readings and it was almost ready to drink as is. This would be a perfect ale for cask conditioning. Alas, my endeavours to get a beerengine and cask setup at home have taken a back seat to other projects, so this will be normally force carbonated. I'll give it a week in the kegerator before tasting it.. Ok, I doubt that's what's going to happen. I'll probably take it tonight, but I think it won't truly be ready for another week or so.

The final gravity was 1.010, giving me about 6.14% alcohol.

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