Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cask-conditioned Guiness clone

So the Guiness clone has cask-conditioned and is now hooked up to the Angram. Bought a 4-pack of rocket-widget powered Guiness cans, still the best way to enjoy a pint outside a pub (don't like the widgetted bottle). So we had nitrogen vs. hand pulled here. I've previously done this recipe and done the A/B with the cans, so i know the recipe is pretty darn close. Well, the head wasn't as thick from the Angram as what nitrogen was able to pull off, but you did have the usual effect of the two ale being aerated and a nice thick head building up from the bottom up. The color is spot on and when it came to taste, the Angram version tasted richer, almost making the canned Guiness taste watery. All around, I'd call this exactly what I wanted

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