Saturday, July 31, 2004

Discovered yet another thing that Gary at Renntech agreed to put in the package and didn't again, it's something that would have been a bonus item. This time it's the Flywheel and Clutch. Not something minor, but also something I reall ought to for for a new item. Therefore, there a new Task for the list: Get Flywheel and Clutch from Pelican Parts. And since i'm getting it new, i might as well go for the lighter aluminum flywheel and a high performance Sachs clutch -- don't want to spring for the centerforce clutch quite yet. I'm only going a little over stock with my HP, so i should be fine

Other than that discovery, today was quite productive.

I fixed the airbox with good old JB weld. Might still switch out the airbox with a high-flow unit before the install, since i'm already not going to make the Historics deadline, so why not do it right?

Bought a feeler gauge in prep for my speed sensor install.

Installed the Shifter and linkage. To get access for this I removed the passenger side seat. Had to drill out two hex bolts to get it out. And the seat is in sad shape. Debating whether I should just try to track down a second Recaro SRD before putting it all back together.

Ground the Speed Sensor opening into the Transmission. I like my rotary cutter :)

Most of the day was spent on trying to Installing the Oil Cooler. The long hard lines fit suprisingly easily. The more entertaining part became the positioning of the oil cooler so that the fender would fit and not get blocked too much by the headlight. Ended up cutting various pieces off the bump\ er: The mangled mounting bracket for the fog lights that no longer exist, and now the opening is air flow for the cooler anyhow. The bracket that attached the bumper to the battery box. No more box, no need for bracket, more room for oil cooler. I test fitted the fender a couple of times until i had the oil cool\ er in a good position. Cut some angle iron for mounting the oil cooler, but stopped short of finishing that install due to lack of fasteners. Time for a Home Depot trip in the morning.

I also need to hit PET to figure out which line from the Oil cooler regulator connects to the oil tank vs. the engine and how to install those hard lines with enough clearance from the rear wheel

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Gary from Renntech finally sent me the remaining parts.. Well, mostly.

Came home to find two boxes, one of them taller than me and oddly shaped. It contained the hard lines that run along the chassis for the oil cooler. I can understand why he didn't want to UPS them.

I say mostly because some of the parts he said he'd throw in, but weren't part of the purchase agreement are missing. Hard to bitch too much, so i'm just going to get them from Pelican Parts, since even if i can get Gary to send them to me, it'll be another month. Still, it's disappointing.

Also stopped by Home Depot, picked up some more metal cutting discs for my wheel cutter and a micrometer, which i just generally need.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Bought a wheel cutter today. Both for the tranmission notching and for putting in the Carrera Oil tank i bought last week.

Found out that there are two notches i need to cut. One for the TDC sensor on top, and one for the speed sensor at 2 o'clock. Also found out that if the speed sensor isn't installed with 0.8mm clearance from the flywheel, the car won't run. Nice little detail to know about before assembling the sucker.

Notched the TDC sensor opening, then moved over to the oil cooler attachment. Since the mounting screw distance matched the old tank, i built a temp late out of cardboard, attached it to the mounting points and went to work with the wheel cutter. Sure a torch would be cleaner, but I'm not that hardcore yet and this is inside the engine bay, after all.