Monday, December 06, 2004

Where are we at again?

Ok, last I posted, I had the last missing part. This of course was a foolish thing to post, although it's not too far off.

First, regarding the last part/fule supply post: While the hose adapter did fit into the tank, when I tried to install the tank, the fuel line got crimped by the torsion bar. Went back to trying to find the actual part and while I had a promise of a ship date, two weeks later it turned out that dealer also admitted that the part was no longer available. So I went back, try to fit plumbing supplies. Got a hose adapter with a 90 degree turn, but either it's not 3/8" or that's not M14 after all, because this one does not fit. But that's a minor matter, i'll have that resolved with one more trip to the hardware store.

I've done a bit of the in car wiring, haven't dared to cut any cables in the engine bay. This coming weekend is yet another hope for getting to the point where then car might start. We'll see...