Thursday, November 11, 2004

Last part, I hope

Last night i got the Distributor Rotor from Pelican Parts. To the best of my knowledge, i am now fully ready for this weekend's install

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The switch is in

Just got the idle position switch from Pelican Parts. One more piece down, and I'm still on target for final installs this weekend

Monday, November 08, 2004

3/8" =~ M14

The 3/8" hose adaptor fits nicely into the fuel tank. That finishes my plumbing needs and the tank can go back in. That means, pending some parts, I am set for putting everything back into the engine this weekend and maybe even starting it up

Screw Emporium

Went to Marshall's off Miramar this morning. They have the finest collection of screws, nuts and bolts ever assembled. And it's the only place I know in town that has anything in metric. Got a bunch of odd nuts and bolts I need to connect everything proper like.

When it came to the nozzle for the fuel tank, they had nothing but English system crap. The 1/2" looks close and with a bunch of plummers tape might do the job. I'll see tonight. Otherwise, I'll hit up AJ USA and get another in-tank fuel filter connector and use it for the return line from the spare plug-hole.

Last weekend's progress

Saturday, I unpacked the "new" used starter from Parts Heaven that goes with the 3.2. And as I noted that the starter sprocket still didn't mate up with the ring gear, I thought that it probably shouldn't anyhow when the engine is running. So maybe, the sprockets extends? Later, posting on Pelican Forums, i confirmed this apparently usual behavior of starters. Learn something new every day, even if I take the hard route.

The other part I got from Parts Heaven was a lever for connecting the throttle linkage. It's connected to the transmission and joins the throttle linkage from the chassis and the one from the engine. Using the lever from my 901 tranmission left the throttle part-open all the time. The piece I got from the 915 indeed has longer lever arms and all is good.

Now I just need the throttle idle switch from Pelican and the engine can finally be bolted back into car.

Wait. I still need to plug the vacuum lines... Still debating how to do that. Are there special plugged hoses you can just attach or do I have to rig something up?

Next thing I did was mount the DME parts under the drivers seat and run the harness into engine bay.

Sunday, I took the fuel tank out and reran the plastic fuel lines through the chassis again, now existing where the hard lines used to come out in the front, allowing me to move the fuel pump back out of the smugglers box and back into the factory location.

As soon as I get some connector for the fuel return line for the fuel tank, the fuel system is complete.

Since last I wrote

Since last I wrote, I've gotten the engine and transmission with clutch properly connected. I've also had some fun with wiring and such, as you can see over here.

I've had the oil tank back out for some more chassis cutting, since i couldn't actually fit the oil filter. Now it works. Timmins oil cooler is in the front, soft lines run and mounted. Figured out the fuel system, had to bend the hardlines for the rear to make them fit, but that's all good now.

Now this doesn't do the work I've done over the last two months justice, but the nutshell version will have to do for things past.

Blogger, you win

Gave in and moved my porsche blog to blogger. There simply was no reason to delude myself with some plan of writing my own blogging software. I don't have the time and blogger is more than adequate for my needs. I will have to write a quick to do system tho'.

Anyway, welcome back to the blog of all things related to my quest to build a fun RS look replica. I say "RS Look" because I have no plan to make it authentic other than looks.

And yes, the engine conversion is still not done. The silence did not mean I magically completed the swap. With my optimist cap on, I am however willing to say that I might get to the point where i can try and start it next weekend. We'll see.